KB Whirly – Music, Fatherhood, Judaism

A conversation about fatherhood, nachas, and Judaism.

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Here is the first co-production between Menschite and the Good Stuff Kids Podcast. KB Whirly and I talk music, fatherhood, nachas, and how Judaism flows throughout all of it. You can hear his song ‘Place Called Home’ from his new record ‘Now That We’re Home’. The music is personal, real, and beautiful.  Thanks to Mayers Consulting for all of her help and patience. The Good Stuff Kids Podcast is available wherever you get your podcasts.

Michael Mason

Mike Mason is the founder and publisher of Menschite. He's an educator, musician, podcaster, and father of three. In 2015, Mike created the award-winning Good Stuff Kids Podcast through which he eventually realized his dream of interviewing Raffi. Originally from Buffalo, New York, he's currently based in Houston, Texas.